Total supply 10,000

Minting will start on
Saturday February 12th,
at 12:15pm EST

Powered by ERC-721M

Mingoes in the water

Launching on Saturday February 12th, at 12:15pm EST

Mingoes are a collection of 10,000 uniquely generated flamingo friends stored in the form of an NFT on the ethereum blockchain. Mingoes are minted using ERC-721M to ensure that you pay very little in gas when minting your new friend! After mint we are just getting started! Join us for our donation to a flamingo conservation charity, alpha and education of all types in crypto/nft’s and many more surprises!

A collection of 10,000 Mingoes

With 26,256,384 possible combinations of mingoes, only 10,000 eggs will be hatched! By minting you will hatch your mingeos and bring it to life. It will be unique to you and no other mingeos will ever be the same as yours!

The question remains, will your mingoes be a rare golden? Or maybe it will hatch out as a skeleton? With 12 backgrounds, 14 different feather combinations, 16 rare beaks, 22 different hats, 12 types of glasses and 37 pieces of clothing the possibilities are endless. We are so excited to welcome all the mingoes into this world! You can purchase your mingoes egg for .04 eth on mint day. The eggs are all due to hatch shortly after mint!

Mingoes Logo

Roadmap 2022

Phase 1

Meeting your mingoes! We chose to forgo the typical whitelist route and instead offer free mingoes to select people in our community. There’s no need to spend hours engaging in meaningless conversations in hope to be noticed here. Hop into the discord and enter the raffle for a free airdropped mingoes! Those that are lucky enough to win a raffle will have their Mingoes airdropped immediately after the completion of the mint.

Phase 2

Your mingoes will reveal its true colors! Following the mint you will get to meet your brand new friend for the first time. You will also always be able to trade your mingoes on Opensea for the lowest royalties possible. We believe that you should have freedom to find the mingoes you love and not have a high royalty stopping you!

Phase 3

Now that you have fully met your mingoes we encourage users to verify their mingoes and hop into the exclusive channels in our discord. Here we will offer advice on the NFT & crypto space. Led by members that have been in the space since 2015. Need advice on good ways to earn passive income? Or what the next theme in crypto will be? Hop on in! Finally, we will also be donating part of the mint to a flamingo conservation charity. We have to help save the birds that inspired the project, right?

Mingoes Team


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Lead Developer


Frontend Developer


Q. What is this project?
A. Mingoes are a collection of 10,000 uniquely generated flamingo friends stored as an ERC721M NFT on the Ethereum blockchain.

Q. What is ERC721M?
A. ERC721M is a highly efficient implementation of the ERC721 Non Fungible Token (NFT) standard. Inspired by Azuki's own ERC721A, we improve on it by further optimizing the storage and logic of the contract, making it the cheapest (gas-wise) standard-obeying NFT. Check out our article on how it works here.

Q. When is the mint?
A. Saturday February 12th, at 12:15pm EST

Q. What will the price be?
A. Free + gas for the first 200 tokens, then 0.04 ETH for each + gas. Thanks to ERC721M the gas cost will be the lowest you have ever encountered.

Q. What is the total supply?
A. There will only be 10,000 unique Mingoes NFTs.

Q. Will there be a presale?
A. No, but we will be running giveaways for free airdropped Mingoes.